Saturday, September 18, 2010

This is what I ended up with last night. The first one is called the Cretan Stitch. I did it twice. Again, I had to lay in running stitches for guidelines. Then I started a line of groups of button hole stitches, each group facing in opposite directions but they were totally off kilter so I just took them out. The Cretan stitch is done in some of my hand dyed thread from last May, btw.

I did two lines of the back stitch but embellished both so there is no single example of the backstitch. The first one is called the threaded back stitch and the last one is called the whipped back stitch.

Here's some lace that I bought in a small baggie at some thrift store in the past. I kind of stumbled across it in my haphazardly stored stash. I was planning on taking them to my next dye session but it also occurs to me that some of the long pieces can also go on this little sampler pillow when it is done.

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