Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another row! This one is woven bars. I didn't buttonhole the ends this time. I think I'll wait and do all of them later with a smaller thread. This stitch is pretty easy although I did experiment with ways to start out the wrap so it's not as consistent as it would be. You should see the same transition stitch between every bar but you won't 'cause I played. (smile) I also put this in the hoop once the threads were pulled. I'm getting a little better at cutting and pulling them.

I usually wear contact lenses but when I'm home and especially when I am doing any kind of needlework, I wear my regular glasses because I am constantly pulling them off to SEE. Even with my bifocals, I cannot see those tiny threads easily but without my glasses and holding the work close, I can.

Ha! Then I put my glasses on to go get the mail in the mailbox down the lane - everything was blurry because my eyes cannot make that refocus so easily these days. The blurriness was clearing up on my return trip. I've noticed this before and finally concede that age is creating changes I might as well get used to.

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yes good example of the hand embroidery.....