Monday, August 30, 2010

Fat Cat embroidery at DMC Threads site.
My regular computer was having issues so it's now replaced. This is where I was when I left off posting! I'm really tied up in my tatting right now but I so want to embroider! I've also been preparing some fabric for some drawn thread work. Plus I'm borrowing books from I.O.L.I. library about needlelace and I'm getting inspired there. If only I had more time!

Now I get to show you this fabulous find in a thrift store! It's probably card-table size and in perfect condition, no stains or holes or anything. Only $5.00!!!!

This is a full view of the tablecloth. You can see the larger outside border and then the narrow inside border upon which the four pyramid shapes are made of the same small squares.

This is a kind side slanted view. I hope the pics enlarge enough to see the overall photo but also the details. I have close-ups though!

This is the small narrow border. I've placed my fingers there to help you see the scale of the squares. The fabric is like fine sheeting.

Here you can see the larger outer border. It's probably twice as wide as the narrower border. I'd guess the narrow squares to be around one inch each.

These are the squares that make up the pyramid shape. You can see how the designs alternate in the squares.

This is a close up of the bottom two rows of the pyramid. Again, I've used my fingers to give you an idea of the scale.

I am amazed that someone could pull such fine threads for this piece and then execute the stitching so precisely all around. I will definitely be using a larger thread count linen for my own stitching. I don't think my eyes could handle this! I wish I knew who the stitcher was and more about their thoughts as they made this.

Friday, August 20, 2010

My computer is on the blink right now. I have a small laptop but no way to put scans or camera photos on it just now. I bought a nice table topper yesterday done in needlelace. I'll show photos when I can. It's drawn thread work.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'm not exactly happy with this. The lining disappoints me. I knew shouldn't have tacked it down but I was afraid I wouldn't really know if it really wobbled inside like this or not. It will just be a bit time consuming to take it off. If I put my hand inside, it lays very nicely. So...I can either make the lining a bit smaller OR...put a couple of sheets of acetate cut to size inside the lined lining.

I'm not that fond of the tassel either. I'm not sure if it's the red thread or if it needs to be fuller or both. I wondered when the directions said to wrap 16 times. I actually wrapped 20 and I still think it's a bit flimsy. The thread from the center can only show one color of its varigates so I think I'll remove that and change it to black.

Geesh this is tiring stuff when it doesn't work out! LOL! I didn't like the outer round of crochet either. The picot loops are too hole-y. I think they were supposed to close in but they didn't.

I always learn from the first time. I don't want to make a second one though. I'd rather correct this one and be done with it. Yay! I'm gonna start on the tatted one first though.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Crocheted Hexagon Bag

This is so close to being done! I've had to force myself to wait until tomorrow to finish it. The handle is stitched on and the lining pieces are partially stitched. I have to fit one piece inside the other, close up the last seam and then stitch it to the bag. I ended up using a gray slick shiny fabric. It will set off the black lace but won't compete with the jellybean color rose. I've never actually had to line one of these before. The other two crocheted bags I've made from this particular American School of Needlework publication were denser. They're all Irish Crochet, if you're not familiar with crocheted lace. There are five designs and it's titled "Delicate Purses" by Rita Weiss. This one is the "Hexagon Posy Pocket." Oh, still have to make the tassel too.

I'm going to make up a tatted version too, partly for the challenge of it and partly for my Lace Guild's upcoming exhibit. I hope to find a way to display/frame them inexpensively and point out the differences in tatting and crochet. So many people call lace by the wrong name, so it will serve an educational purpose too. It means I'll have to practice tatting clunies again. I finally figured it out last night after a few frustrating hours. I've made them in the past and even taught a class on them but they don't really excite me and I haven't made them since. That was in 2005! I won't allow myself to work on the tatted version until I finish this one. I did tat a center and refreshed my memory on the cluny but stitch counts have to be played with and some organizing done before I can actually tat it. I hadn't thought about the handle either. I don't think block tatting will work well for the strip. I may use something else. We'll see. I do hope I have enough of that particular ball of black thread because I lost the label and don't know what to replace it with!

After that bag, I plan to get back to my needlelace. I borrowed some books from I.O.L.I. which gives me more patterns and details to work with. I think there are two more when I return these. Okay....I should get to bed!