Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'll take this off my pillow sometime today and insert it in a clear glass globe. I'm excited about how it turned out!

This is a project I found for my lace group to do but Cathy K. is the one who reinterpreted it and made it possible. The class is at the next meeting. I met up with Cathy and another lace guild member, Sally, to do it ahead of time. The pattern is originally from Petra Behrends. I have the original pdf but can't find the online source that I got it from!

Here it is off the pillow! See how it spirals so nicely???

And now it's in the glass ornament.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Here he is! I decided to block him even though I don't typically see instructions for blocking RPL. I'm still looking for improvements.

Maybe less foot detail? Sometimes simpler is better. I might do the white version without feet and see what I think. I can always add them later. I will probably change up the filling stitch on the back above and below the arch. I still like the arch there. I won't be using the ruffly braid on the white version either although I like it. I'll be teaching the white version and I don't want it too complicated. Most of the members already have trouble doing the basic braid so to add a ruffly one in the mix might be too much for now. It can be something to work towards later.