Sunday, September 19, 2010

More line stitching. This is basically a record for myself. I don't expect anyone else to get excited about it. The first one is called the Barb stitch. It's basically two blanket stitches back to back with the center whipped in another thread. Then there is the Basque stitch, interesting to do but I'm not clear on how I would use it. I suspect the type of thread and fabric you use dictates where you would use it. The next one is the Berwick stitch which I may have spaced a bit far apart. It's a variation on the blanket stitch. Lastly is the closed feather stitch which I'm probably going to take out and do over or leave out altogether. The thread I chose wasn't a good one to illustrate this one.

When I finish a tatting project, sometimes I wind the leftover thread onto a floss holder. That's where I've been getting a lot of thread for this project. Sometimes I take it from the ball but I'm trying to empty those floss holders too.

I decided to try a little needlelace last night since I haven't stitched any for a long time. I'm sticking with the simpler stitches for this one. I used an embroidery pattern for the shape. It's a little chick-faced egg. I've covered up the eyes now so he can stop staring at me! I don't have a real plan for this but I wanted to practice my stitching. I started out with single corded Brussels in the blue. I changed to doubled corded Brussels with the yellow. It was late and I was tired and out of thread so I stopped at this point last night. I was going to do the egg in thirds with a different stitch in each third. It always takes more thread than I expect so I'm not sure now....maybe I'll do stripes in this middle part but all double corded brussels. I'm using up my floss holder threads here too. LOL!

I guess I should do a little housework today before I get started on stitching. I tend to forget about everything else once I sit down and get a needle or shuttle in my hand.

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