Friday, September 17, 2010

I did go home and take a nap. I was out like a light for about an hour and had a hard time making myself wake up. The blotches on my arm were gone by the time I got home and had largely cleared up before I even left work. Very odd.

Eventually I stitched some more. The first row of feather stitch I did was very bad, crooked and poorly spaced. It took me awhile to get the hang of it. So then I stitched a second row but I put in a few lines of running stitches to create boundaries and that helped tremendously. I figured out that if I started the stitch on the opposite side along the same thread that I ended the previous side, that it would be better spaced. I was so pleased with the second one that I pulled out the first one and did it over. Stitching guidelines adds more time but it's worth it. I skipped a few stitches - the outline stitch, the running stitch. I may be doing the stem stitch and outline stitch the same. I know they are different but I can't remember now how I did the stem stitch. I think I always have gotten those mixed up! I ended tonight's stitching with the blanket stitch.

I have a little more than half of this side done. I like this because it only takes short periods of focus. I just wasn't into some of the other projects I mentioned in the last post. They will take a considerable amount of time.

Oh...just had a thought...I could stitch some of my smaller dyed tatted motifs to this sampler piece too. We'll see....I think for now I'd prefer to just keep this one embroidery.

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