Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I haven't had much time for stitching and have spent most of it sewing my grandson's Halloween costume (delivered last night) and tatting motifs for the dye pot. Last weekend I went to tatting guild and then afterwards, I visited a few antique and thrift shops before coming home. One place used to have a whole room FULL of linens and lace but the shop has divided into three parts now with different owners. It was a little confusing. I had inadvertantly drifted into a different shop where I found these embroideries and almost didn't pay for them in the right place!

This is the only one I bought. It's just a simple length of cotton, actually probably polyester/cotton blend, hemmed and embroidered with the pumpkin but the embroidery was so well done compared to much of what I've seen that I decided to get it and will tat or crochet an edging for it later. It wasn't very expensive either. I saw other embroideries that I would have loved to buy just to save the pattern since the fabric itself was damaged but they had some exorbitant prices so I passed. This one was only $1.50 I think.

I loved this apron and it was reasonably priced but I didn't have a lot of extra money so I passed on it too but I did take photos! It's a regular full-length apron but I loved the embroidery on it. There's also some pink ricrac along the edges but that wasn't what caught my attention. This is as close as I got to taking a full photo of it.

I was particularly intrigued by the pocket. It's placed so that it is the lady's skirt! I just thought that was clever even though I know it was commonly done, it's the first time I saw one. I really couldn't tell if this was a vintage piece or something more recent but I would guess more recent.

This is the bottom front of the apron. I love aprons, even though I never wear them. I'd be tempted with this one though.

In another booth, I found this slip/skirt. I thought it was a slip at first but why would you put a pocket on a slip? I love spider crochet and thought this insert very well done.

Here's the pocket, crocheted in the same pattern but heart-shaped. I think I'd rather see this treatment on a table cover or maybe a short jacket with the insertion not so wide, but it still impressed me with the skill used.

I haven't had an opportunity to get back to my sampler piece. I'm a little overwhelmed with things to do at the moment. My lace guild is setting up an exhibit at the Arts Center plus I'm still dealing with house/garage issues. I wish I were at least half done with Christmas gifts but I'm not even started!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No lace besides tatting lately and no embroidery. I've been busy with domestic issues and deciding if I was going to take the retirement incentive offered at my work. I didn't. Still have more domestic issues to handle before winter sets in so I'm still limited on time.

I did want to note that I got this book at the weekend for $2.00 at the half-price bookstore. Many years ago, during my one year with the EGA guild locally, someone came in and instructed a program in goldwork. I still have the sample in storage. I'd never heard of "goldwork" before that so it's always intrigued me since.

Gotta get ready for work now!