Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back to embroidery! The first one is a whipped chain stitch. I was disappointed that you couldn't see the chain stitch as a chain at all when it was done. The next one is a Pekinese Stitch. Loops are worked through a backstitch. I thought it was very clever and liked the look of it except my thread colors don't contrast enough for you to see the effect very well. The last one is some sort of "crown" buttonhole stitch. I need to stitch in some guidelines instead of trying to follow a thread. My eye's simply don't follow the same line very well without some help. I tried holding it with my thumbnail but it covers a couple of threads!

This side is more than 3/4ths done. I'm starting to move around in the book and doing those that appeal to me most.

Well.....think I'll make a few phone calls, pick up the mail, and run a quick errand.

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