Monday, May 31, 2010

I came up with a pattern that I call a coaster sampler pattern. It should work out to 3" x 3" when complete. I used a free graph paper download on the internet and chose 8/inch which means there are lines to help me know where to couch down consistently. I will work on this one off and on. Since it's all white, I guess it will need to be in color to see what I'm doing. I need to get some colored paper to print on.

I actually want to work on some leaves and petals and plan to print the pattern out when I get some colored paper because I want to use white thread for some of it.

I'm working on a few tatting projects at the moment, which you'll find on my tatting blog. I also need to get ready for a bobbinlace class in mid-June which means I need to redo my cookie pillow and wind bobbins and practice a few cross/twist thingies. LOL!

Cripes! Never enough time!

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