Sunday, May 16, 2010

I started this late last night after I returned from my grandkids' Spring Show in choir - a three hour program! It was quite good with the last half being far better than the first half. I probably should not have started so late but I was wide awake and had been thinking about it all day.

It's not quite what I had visualized but I'm learning things. To get a lacier effect, I should probably use a finer thread but I'm going to continue with this size which is size 40 or around there, I think. I used the 4 stitch Brussels to start off with and kept it quite close because I wanted it dense. It gives it a texture because the scallops are so close it nearly looks ridged. For the next part, I used a corded single Brussels and kept it quite close too. I think the next segment will also be a single corded Brussels but spaced further apart. I'll do the same with the tip but in a lighter color.

For the top side, the colors will be lighter and the stitches/spacing even looser, so the lacy effect will hopefully show up more there. I suspect I'll have to do more than one of these to feel like I've got the hang of it. It's not just about stitches. It's about density and color choice and pattern choice creating an overall work of art. I already don't like the way these two shades look but in the end, we'll see. If I use a solid color, I need to vary the appearance of the stitch more to show more contrast between the segments.

I still need to find one of my smaller tapestry needles. I put them all in one place and now I can't remember where that one place is. I think I moved most of my embroidery stuff to one box so I'll check there - once I remember where I put it!


tatt3r said...

I like your leaf, Gina. Your colors and stitch patterns are very nice, I can't wait to see how they all work together!

umintsuru said...

I love how these two shades work. Hmmmm, unusual but I love the colour choice on the computer monitor.