Sunday, May 23, 2010

No lacework this week. It's been hot and I've been tuckered every night, showering and then laying down for awhile. Then later I would just read or watch TV. It's a little cooler tonight for a change!

At the weekend, I was in the Half-Price Bookstore in Indy, hoping to find a bargain book on some kind of lace. For some reason, they haven't had anything beyond knitting and crochet for months. This time though, I found this needlelace book by Pat Earnshaw. I had borrowed a Pat Earnshaw book from the library so I was familiar with the name. The history and development of needlelace is interesting and she offers some good insights on developing a design. A lot of it is theory with not a lot of patterns or practice exercises but that's okay. I have very few needlelace books. This was only $7.98 plus I had a coupon for 15% off my entire purchase. Everything else I bought was clearance for $1 or $2.

I guess I did work on the rpl cord handle of a tatted bag one night. I only need to finish that and sew the lining. With the 3 day weekend coming up, I hope to finish at least one UFO!

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