Tuesday, March 8, 2011

For some reason, I've been really busy lately. I have not touched bobbin lace since the last post but tonight I started a new diamond bookmark. As I filled in the sides around the first diamond, I thought it was going well but shortly into the second side, I realized I was off somewhere. My worker for the diamond was in the wrong spot so I'll have to go back and figure out where I went wrong. All it takes is making one wrong pass.

I was crocheting a cord for something last night that I abandoned, at least for the project I originally intended it for, but it made me want to do some Romanian Point Lace since this is the cord used for that anyway. I've kind of gotten away from needle lace but really, I'm immersed in my tatting and bobbin lace right now. Only so much I can do at one time!

A friend sent me several balls of size 8 perle cotton to add to my bobbin lace stash. Ms. Bluebird from A Happy Bluebird had a giveaway and some perle cotton was involved. I didn't win but she had LOTS of perle cotton she was willing to part with and I was the lucky recipient. Most of the colors are different from what I already have. I can use it for hardanger and other embroidery too.

I've been getting a hankering for embroidery too but I have a 2nd slipper to knit for my sister and bobbinlace to sort out and some tatting that is done but needs to be mounted onto something.

and I am SO tired tonight. I think it will be an early night!

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