Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh so bad!

I knew I lost a worker somewhere and I knew the last diamond was "off", but I really didn't know it was this bad until I took it off the pillow.

The pricking looks odd to me but there is nothing wrong with it. I got the top part right. The right side of the diamond in each section is hard for me to follow. I thought I had it figured out and even reworked a few spots but obviously it is not right!

I got some more of the square bobbins that I like so well. This pattern called for 16 pairs which is more than what I had of the square ones and I went with some others that I had plenty of but they are big and clunky feeling in my hands. When I remake this one, I will use the square bobbins since I have 2 dozen more pairs now.

I also bought some new divider pins at Richard's Bobbins on Etsy. That lovely piece of drawnwork under the pins is his, not mine. The photo is from his Etsy shop. I got a freebie pin too, which isn't shown here but it's like the second one, only pink.

Only one more pattern after this one in the book and then I will do some practice pieces from other books that focus on footsides and gimp and such. I'm still a long way from feeling comfortable about what I'm doing.

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Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Oh, dear! I wish I had the time to try all this. Come summer...