Friday, March 18, 2011

I bought this at an antique store early in the week. One mat is the size of a placemat and the other is the same width but half the length. I probably should have pressed them so the scan would look better but here we are.

I was excited by the pulled work in the corners. It's something I hadn't seen before. The embroidery is done varying strands of floss, depending on the color and purpose of embroidery. I am not sure about the edging. At first I thought it was crocheted, but it's padded so I think it's a buttonhole stitch over threads which reminds me of Hedebo or at least a form of needlelace.

The larger mat is in good condition but the smaller one has a piece of the outside lace missing. One scallop is missing on two different sides. The edging of the cloth part confused me but on close inspection, I see that it is folded over to the back in a tiny hem and the lace is stitched on top on the front. It is hand-stitched as I can see the single thread slightly uneven in places indicating needle and thread. This makes me think even more that the edging is handmade. The thread was so fine that I considered machine stitching but I think not.

I love a good find!


deanna7trees said...

it is beautiful. do you have plans for this great find?

Gina said...

Deanna, I don't have any plans at the moment. I came across some hankies I bought not long ago this afternoon, along with 2 tea towels. I've got to start doing something will all these beautiful pieces!

Bren said...

I have 12-15 old ladies handkerchiefs which were passed on to me by my mother. I really need an idea of what to do with them. Really don't want to make a quilt top, so just waiting for lightening to strike an idea for their use.

deanna7trees said...

hi Bren. i just watched CBS Sunday Morning and there was a story about a fire in 1911 in a shirtwaist factory. one of the relatives is stitching family names on old handkerchiefs in memory of these people. here is the story if you would like to read it:;featuredPost-PE
thought this might be an idea you could use on your hankies.