Thursday, February 10, 2011

Last night I laced another Torchon Spider bookmark and this one was much easier. I will still make at least one more, maybe two, to get comfortable with the process. I'm understanding why there was only one twist above the spider body and two twists below. I know which direction to do the Torchon in although I do still have to stop and think and occasionally back out of a spot.

There is a tiny little loop in the center of the spider body where I pin between the two halves. I made sure I tensioned to get the legs more even and I wonder if it didn't force a loop upwards somehow? I do think the leg length and spacing is better in this one.

I also tried gathering each side of the tails into one knot after I had knotted each pair. I don't really like it so I'll probably experiment with the next one too. I might try to finish it off like I did the original Torchon bookmark where it ends up as a tassel in the center.

I had this in draft earlier so put it here. I like these Irish Crochet roses and have plans for them but I will be teaching some Irish Crochet classes later in the year and am preparing a bit now, testing some patterns.

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Eliz (tatknot) said...

Looking at your Torchon bookmarks makes me want to rush to the attic and unpack my pillows! I'm having trouble finding time to tat this semester, so I'll stifle the urge and keep my shuttles close instead. Thanks for sharing your explorations. They really are looking good.