Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sally & I met last night again and laced away. She hasn't had time to finish the first sampler but I liked hers. She is using several colors as the instructions say to do and it's turning out pretty.

This is my second bookworm. All went well but it does look like I twisted the yellows somehow. I was trying to watch them closely and in some places, it looked overlapped but wasn't when I "stroked" the bobbin. Even so, one spot doesn't look quite right. It took about two hours for the lacing.

I learned how to plait, add beads and make decorative openings in this one. It's from the book by Thunder & Dye. We're going to work through all the bookmarks in this book. There are some other projects, non-traditional, that I probably won't do any time soon.

The next one is the same pattern but done in half-stitch. She & I talked about one of the problems with these samples is that they fall out of books or sheet protectors or the usual record-keeping resources. It's tempting to stitch or tape them down, but we want to be able to handle them so that's not really helpful either.

I have to admit that since these take less time than the first sampler, I'm likely to keep at it, lacing the next one tonight even though I have other things to do. Last night I opened up the software I'll use to diagram my tatting patterns. It was late so I only played with it long enough to make a few ovals. I need to be like a dog with a bone on this too so that it will come to me easily and I don't have to relearn it every time I open it up!

So, since I don't have to be anywhere tonight, I'm going to come home, throw a load in the laundry, and work with the software for at least long enough to be where I was when I stopped using it before. Actually, I bought the program so it may be different from the freebie I was using. Once I feel comfortable with and maybe even accomplish something, like the tatting pattern I posted about last, then I'll let myself move on to something else. I'm also tatting something I started two niights ago and I'm anxious to see how it will look. I found the pattern when I was sorting through bobbinlace printouts that I've accumulated. No idea how that came about but it was a happy discovery.

I've also got to make my giveaways for the One World One Heart event that starts January 30th. It will be on my tatting blog only but will include more than one kind of lace. Great opportunity to Lace-ducate!

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