Friday, January 14, 2011

Here's the latest bookmark. It's the same pricking as the last one, but this one is done in half-stitch. I used white DMC perle cotton and some Altin Basak size 20 white with a gold thread in it - known as "metallic". I think it turned out pretty.

With this one, I learned more about "twists". The number of twists is a design feature too. I couldn't really tell where the workers formed a design because of the colors I used. I will probably make this one again, just to practice.

The next one is a Torchon lace. I've never been very fond of Torchon because it seems a bit coarse and rough looking compared to the other laces but I suppose this will be good practice too. Actually, the bookmark looks very lacy.

At the moment, I have 2 thumbs and 1 finger taped up with a bit of ointment under the bandaid because the tips are cracking. Another finger could be but then I'd feel like Edward Scissorshand. The corner of my mouth is cracking too. I know it's from the cold weather. The furnaces run so much that the air is dry, my body is dry, and even outside, the frozen snow means there is very little humidity in the air. Quite the breeze going this week too. I've been in and out several times a day going to and from campus appointments. I loved the mild winters we were having for a few years. I want them back!

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