Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The last two! They won't scan clearly because the bead and the little bell throw off the depth capability of the scanner. I like but I might start out the wrapping on the last one a little differently next time. It was going over too many pairs of thread and doesn't lay as nice as if it were broken up somewhat.

I had such a hard time scanning and photographing these. If I put all 5 on the paper, the paper reflected light back or the image was blurry. I tried a few different colors and finally just snagged this ONE shot! They are not washed or blocked yet.

I tried the last one on the printer and it didn't seem to reflect the light back so much. This was the last of the five. I like some better than others but I think they will all make nice gifts.

I also would like to make some with the ruffled cord but have to make the cord first. I have a couple of test pieces I made in the past but I don't think they are long enough. I might try it later but I need to finish up some other things first.

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Anonymous said...

It's really beautiful, Romanian Lace ? Please do one more to show us, you are doing a so nice lace,