Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I got the rest of the bells couched earlier this week. I considered stitching them last night but it was late and I was tired. I went through some boxes instead.

It occurs to me now that I should make some with the ruffled or curved braid. That will be the next batch, but I have to crochet the cord first.

...days later.....

I wasn't happy with the way this was turning out so stopped. I've been busy since then and just finally looked at it again yesterday. I like the design concept but not the way the stitching was going. I may tear it out and try again. I was also appalled to notice in a different light that the filling thread is a different shade from the outline. It's all white, yes, but different shades of white.

Those little circles work better when moving vertically than horizontally. Since these will be gifts, I think I better do it over.

I've come across so many things I want to do while sorting and cleaning this week. There are 4 bags and 1 box of cardboard to go out in the trash tomorrow. I took a big box of painting and craft magazines to a friend yesterday and 3 boxes to Goodwill today. I'm certainly making progress but have so much yet to do. I snuck in a bit of tatting tonight, an angel for an aunt who is recovering with a broken leg. I'm going to call her tomorrow and see if she would like to learn to tat since she is confined.

Tomorrow is another cleaning day. I hope to manage to shampoo the carpet in the living room along the way but it may have to wait until the weekend. I need help moving heavy furniture around. So I'll see what my son has planned - if he will be here tomorrow night or will I wait til the weekend?

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Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I think your bells are beautiful!

It's frustrating when whites don't match. I remember a baby blanket I made several years ago that went into the trash because one of the whites looked gray next to the other. I couldn't even give it to Goodwill because it looked so awful!

The only two places in my house that I have left to go through are my closet and my sewing room. Maybe over the Christmas break. Please keep posting about your progress... it keeps me thinking about what I could be accomplishing!