Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Karen had a video on ruching fabric recently. I wasn't planning on doing it and didn't really, but the idea of it enticed me to make a ruched flower. Actually, I was looking in my files for instructions on the Japanese Kanzashi Fabric Flower and found I had instructions for a ruched flower!

So I tried it with some crushed voile that I had. This is the first attempt. I decided I made the bottom part too long which is what makes the center. It's just too poufy here but a button in the center might fix that.

Then I stitched a second version with less fabric in length and shorter in width. It turned out much better, at least for this project. It still needs something in the middle but I don't think there is as much bulk.

I've placed the two flowers tentatively on the piece where I added a vine. I will probably remake another like the second one and use it instead of the first sample. I may add some French Knots around them too.


karen said...

these are really quite special and I wondered could you embroider the centres? especially the one you aren't happy with, it would flatten it down perhaps?

deanna7trees said...

oh what a beautiful ruched flower. nice addition to your cloth.