Thursday, August 11, 2011

I've been wanting to design a RPL hedgehog for several weeks now. I found some instructions about drawing the basic shape, drew one, and then I scanned it.

Then I inserted the scan into a word document and adjusted the frame twice to get two different sizes. I still have the original so I can continue to tweak it if needed. I decided to use the smaller of the two for this project.

I've also been experimenting with braids, thread size, and color. The braid most commonly used is this one and it's crocheted in size 20, Twilley varigated brown. I also crocheted a "fan" shape - I don't know exactly what it's called as most directions tend to refer to the cords as #1, #2, etc. I've seen this called crocheted ric-rac too, in a context having nothing to do with RPL. (Romanian Point Lace in case you aren't familiar with the term)

I have the fan shape ready to couch down for the back. It will give a ridged appearance which I hope will suggest the prickly spikes found on hedgehogs. Well...I don't know if they are prickly or not for sure since I've never seen a real one. What I haven't decided yet is whether to use a few rows of the fan cord or just do the outside/outline. I would space them far enough apart to do needlelace fillings between the lines. I'm also not certain about the other features but I'm thinking of beads for the nose and eyes. I can do a buttonholed strip or circle for the ear but it will probably be a strip, like a loop. I'm still stuck on the feet and mouth. I could skip the mouth but I think it adds character.

The great thing is I can do several versions and decide what I like best later. I have some size 70 brown variegated that I can use for the filling stitches. I have the same size in brown which is probably what I'll do the front in. It's also possible to have several rows close of the fan cord for the back. That would leave all the needle lace for the front. I think I just figured out the mouth but don't know how to explain it clearly yet.

On other lace fronts, I'm doing yet another butterfly in bobbin lace but this time in a fine silky thread. I've only got half of it done after 2 sessions. Normally, I'd have it mostly done in just one but it hasn't gone that way this time.

I'm also driving myself crazy trying to remember where my lucet is. My guild is having a teacher on Saturday to show us some new ways to use it.

Well...late pasta supper is making me very sleepy. Good night!

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Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I love your hedgehog idea! I'm sure we'll see lots of progress pictures.

I just saw my lucet the other day. Sounds like a fun guild meeting!