Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wow! Practically the whole month without an entry but I guess I have been gone a lot and haven't had much time to do other laces.

I started this during our last bobbin lace session and then finished it this week. I didn't have my instructions with me and had to wing it. The wings are a little different but until I find my instructions, I won't know why. Even so, I was encouraged by the fact that I could come up with something that worked.

I've been debating between working through the new book I got and venturing out on my own. I suppose I could do a bit of both if I ever get my other pillows workable. Other than taking my cat to the vet tomorrow, I don't have anything specific planned so that might be a good time to make the cover for my new pillow, finish my roller pillow and maybe, just maybe, finish the travel roller pillow.

I also want to do more embroidery and needle lace. It's already near the beginning of August, the 8th month of the year. WHERE has the time gone???

I've got so many entries to make in my Lucky Find blog too.

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