Saturday, July 2, 2011

I found the pattern for this Fat Cat on the DMC Threads Blog last summer and have been itching to stitch him ever since. So, on impulse, I started him earlier this week and was enjoying it up until last night. It just wasn't turning out as pleasing as I hoped and you know how you kind of lose interest in a project when that happens?

I finished the embroidery last night and damp-stretched it, hoping the removal of blue transfer lines and a smooth finish would help but instead, it just seems very amateurish. Everything is a learning experience though. I did not use embroidery floss. I was using the thread I typically tat with which was laying all around me. So it was an experiment with thread and with stitches. I did pretty much follow the suggested stitches but I would like to do one now with specific colors and with embroidery floss. I have plenty so there's no reason not to.

I reduced the pattern to a small size, less than half the original. I still like the smaller size and will probably use that again. I will also use a color scheme and shake the stitch type up a little. I messed up on the tail. I messed up on the whiskers. I couldn't get the double stitch cross stitch right so changed to French Knots. The blue transfer pen I use really makes the lines too big. I might use a different method to transfer the pattern next time. I'd also like to add some beads and maybe couch a few fancy threads down. I might use a different colored background too instead of white. It does look better in person than the photo.

This is my roller pillow in process. The bolster was something I made for something else but then I remembered it seemed the same size so I dropped it in. I'm debating on whether to unstaple the velvet and add more padding or just continue from here. I really wanted a bolster on a dowel and didn't realize until we had the class that it wouldn't be.'s the only roller pillow I have so I should get it done.

Here's the cookie pillow I bought last week....just need to cover it, hopefully sometime this weekend.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

You are far more ambitious than I! If I didn't like the cat, I'd have put it aside until... forever. Good for you, finishing it, even if it wasn't exactly what you wanted. Making your own pillow cover? I'm too lazy. I ordered mine finished, and I'm glad I did, or I'd have never made it to the stage where I actually try bobbin lace. What color will you make it?

Lelia said...

Charming sock monkey! (ok, I"m a fossil + think those stuffed things too darn cute). I, like you, would have made the cat smaller. If you don't have your heart set on a rectangle, it might be cute in the 'shape' of the cat outline. Just a thought.

I like my cookie pillow from Holly. I have a 20". My cover arrived in today's mail. I probably should press out the wrinkles before covering the new pillow.

btw, I found a diagram in Southard's book - (I think you have it, too) about winding bobbins. I'm going to try it + maybe the threads will stay in place, not have the bobbins drooping.

Enjoy your week-end!