Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I found this vintage girl's pattern at a flea market type of place for only a quarter. Not a single little girl in my life who is that size but I'm dying to make it!
I'll probably save it for next Spring though.

At the same place and in the same booth, I found these embroidery booklets. That's one thing I never bought when I was young. I also got some transfers but I'm not sure I'll keep them. Mostly not my style but I hated the idea of them sitting there and possibly being thrown away.

I had a dye play day last Saturday and submerged this initial block. There were two of them, both "B" which happens to be the first letter of my last name. They were in a bag of old lace that I bought somewhere long ago. I plan to redo my bedroom next Spring too, in white with touches of yellow. I thought I could put these on white pillows and do some embroidery around them. I always have great "ideas" but following through can be a challenge.

Here's another vintage piece I dyed. The crochet is in great shape but the center was stained. The dye didn't take all that well - probably because it is black so I may overdye the center to match the outside. It looked fabulous wet!

This is my first early night home in what seems like ages. I was looking through magazines last night for projects, both for Christmas and some other events. Found all kinds of stitchery to do! Then today I was surfing some blogs and found lots of cool my fingers are itching to hold a needle but I have a few other projects in the works to take care of first. I need to find my sampler too....not sure where it's at but I do know the general area.


Jill said...

what a cool edging pattern! might have to try to replicate it :)

Gina said...

I'm pretty sure I have this pattern in one of my vintage crochet books. I didn't crochet this one but I recognized it.