Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bobbin Lace Workshop 6-19-10

Yeah, I gotta show the spangled bobbins again! Painted and spangled. Even though I'll need to respangle them at some point, they are pretty for now and functional.

A year or so ago, I showed my lace guild how they could make their own pillow. I took a round cork board I found on clearance at Walmart, added circles of polystyrene in graduating sizes smaller, then topped with raw wool. Well, actually - the one I showed them didn't have the polystyrene and it ended up way too soft so I had to redo it. NOW it has the polystyrene at the bottom and the wool on top.

It's nice and tight now. I'm actually pushing down so you can see there is no give.

Then I stitched a dust cover on the bottom which also covers up all the staples.

And here's the result of my bobbinlace bookmark workshop on Saturday!

I was so busy getting my tools ready that I didn't review basics or even read through the instructions. Somehow I reversed the colors that were to be wound on the bobbins which made it confusing for the helpers. A big thanks, btw, to Janice Blair and members of the L.A.C.E. guild for hosting and helping with this workshop. There were 5 beginners but I wasn't counted as a beginner since I've done this before. Even so, I was very confused. I realize now that not reviewing the basics and looking through the pattern was a drawback, as was trying to focus after driving 3 hours there. Even so, I had fun.

I tried to finish the bookmark last night after taking the photo, but I messed up the left side fan and I'm totally confused about the bottom point. I'll finish it up the best I can and then cut it off the pillow and try again at a later date. This isn't my favorite form of bobbinlace to begin with but it's a good technique to learn. I'd like to get my books out and start from the beginnign again as I feel like I'm learning more and more all the time but, like anything, you have to consistently practice.

I hope to finish the embroiderd purse this weekend but I'm catching up on other stuff too. I took vacation Friday and Monday so I'm trying to pack in as much as possible while I'm off!

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