Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I got sidetracked this weekend while downsizing my fabric stash. This fabric has potential so I made a quick embroidery to see how it worked out. It needs to be damp-stretched but I also need to figure out exactly what I'm going to do with it. I think it will hold lavendar so I just need to figure out if it will be a cover bag or permanent bag. That means do I make it so that you can replace the sachet filling by making this a "pillowslip" for the bag or will it be stitched shut? I think the cover is more practical, allowing one to refresh the contents, but it does take more time to finish. So that's in the works to finish off.

I thought I had the embroidery marker on my light box when I traced this off but I realized quickly it was a permanent fine point sharpie so you can see the lines here and there and they won't ever go away. A sample for my eyes only! I need to make sure I change out pens on the light box!

I'm planning on taking Karen Ruane's wonderful embroidery class at the beginning of the year and sorted my fabrics out with that in mind. You'd think I'd spent a lifetime planning this with the white fabrics I have - a whole storage bin full, all textures and kinds. I'm really looking forward to it and have ideas brewing already!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I have done the same thing with permanent markers. I think my confidence in my abilities builds up so much that I forget to check the details!

I love your sample, and I'd be tempted to go for the cover, even though it's a little more work.

An embroidery class sounds like so much fun! I know I thoroughly enjoyed the class I took with Pat Winter a couple of years ago. Maybe it's time to learn from a pro again! : )

Jane S. said...

I took the embroidery class from Karen, you will love it! She is very generous with information and suggestions, and I learned so much from her.

That's not to say that I have a completed cloth to share pictures of...real life kind of got in the way, but a cloth WILL be finished.

Emily said...

Hello, Nice to see that you stitched one of my free patterns. It surely would have been nice with a little mention too!!


Gina said...

My bad. I do typically cite my resources.