Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My very first Rose Ground!

I was very happy with this one, in spite of the mistakes. The pattern did not say how to begin, hence, the gap at the top. Some books think you're smarter than you are. LOL! The sequence is really very easy for rose ground, at least in this sample. I wasn't crazy about the cloth stitch squares. You can't get the threads to be nice and be evenly spaced as well as straight up and down. The sample in the book wasn't either but that's what I wanted!

So I started a new one last night and think I sort of fixed the top but I'll bet the corner will be split. The ecru sample is done in size 30 Cebelia. The one I'm working on now is in size 16 Finca and is a lovely Rose color.

The one I want to try after this in the same ground is an edging, which will also be a challenge. Then I saw another edging made up of hearts, the only one so far that I've really wanted to do.

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