Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pretty Linens

I went to a local antique store yesterday during my lunch hour on a whim. I found a few nice things. These embroidered napkins will be fun to work with. I love embroidered napkins and tend to buy them at stores like this when they aren't too much. I think I paid $1.25 for this set which is in perfect condition. They will become gift envelopes or gift bags.

Then I found this knotted doily, an example of Armenian Lace or Mediterranean Lace. It's also in excellent condition and only $2 plus 25% off.

Here's a close up. I hoped to get even more of a close up so you could see the way the knots play out. Lovely work!

At the same booth (still 25% off)I found this wonderful drawn-work runner. I did not see the dark spot at the time. It sort of glared at me only when I took the photo! It's starched and pressed so I don't know if I will be able to get the stain out but it's certainly worth trying.

Here's a close up of this one too. The fabric is so fine and it amazes me how the embroiderer was able to work it so precisely. The work itself is perfect so I hope I can get the stain out!

I'm working on a bobbin lace bookmark, the fan one I did at L.A.C.E. last year. I think I understand it better but we'll see once I take it off the pillow. I haven't even taken it out of the bag since Tuesday night. I was so tired last night and took a small nap. Then the weather was so bad, tornado warnings non-stop and almost constant TV coverage as the front passed through. My week has been extra busy too and frankly, I would take a nap right now if I could! I really want to go through the remainder of the storage bins again and be done with them so hopefully the drive home will wake me up!

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Jenny said...

What a great lunch hour you had. I'd be snaffling them all at those prices too. Great find.