Friday, May 20, 2011

Here's what kept me up until midnight. My lace guild wants a program or two in needle lace so I'm looking for something very very simple to start off with. This is a Hedebo edging. Hedebo is actually a form of Danish Embroidery. Still, it's considered a form of lace and utilizes needle and thread.

I made up a little 4" fabric square to try it out on. I used size 20 DMC Special Cordonnet on this edge. These are just little triangle points using the same stitch throughout. I'm doing another edge in size 8 perle cotton to see how it looks in contrast and will use other threads on the remaining 2 sides also.

This is very basic. In more advanced samples, there is a lot of cutwork and drawn thread work in addition to the stitching.

Baby steps.......

BTW, hedebo is pronounced hay-tah-bo. I keep saying hee-dee-bo but that's wrong.

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