Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'm not exactly happy with this. The lining disappoints me. I knew shouldn't have tacked it down but I was afraid I wouldn't really know if it really wobbled inside like this or not. It will just be a bit time consuming to take it off. If I put my hand inside, it lays very nicely. So...I can either make the lining a bit smaller OR...put a couple of sheets of acetate cut to size inside the lined lining.

I'm not that fond of the tassel either. I'm not sure if it's the red thread or if it needs to be fuller or both. I wondered when the directions said to wrap 16 times. I actually wrapped 20 and I still think it's a bit flimsy. The thread from the center can only show one color of its varigates so I think I'll remove that and change it to black.

Geesh this is tiring stuff when it doesn't work out! LOL! I didn't like the outer round of crochet either. The picot loops are too hole-y. I think they were supposed to close in but they didn't.

I always learn from the first time. I don't want to make a second one though. I'd rather correct this one and be done with it. Yay! I'm gonna start on the tatted one first though.

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