Sunday, December 11, 2011

I finally finished the Hedgehog I'm going to teach. I wanted something more basic than what I did before which had a lot of added details. This group struggles with just the cord so I've got to come up with a refresher that will have an impact.

I've been getting lots of pre-class info from Karen's Class. The benefit of seeing what the current class is doing is that you have a barrel-full of inspiration in the process. I plan to work in white but I want to do something in color later. I just don't know what color so white is best for me right now. I'm amused by the "footcloth" terminology. Mine will be a sampler. Hopefully something I can hang on the wall. I've been watching her button class too. Looks like fun but I think it's included somewhat in this one anyway. I'll be doing TAST at the same time so I think I'll be submerged in stitchery for awhile!

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deanna7trees said...

oh i just love this hedgehog. it's great in white. really pops.