Saturday, April 23, 2011

Done with Decorative Braids

It didn't take long to lace these. They're just short samples and very simple. I've already done a more complicated version of this one in the bookworm bookmark. I had enlarged the pricking because it seemed way too small but I should have left it alone. There were two sizes and this one is slightly bigger than the larger one. The idea for the bigger one was to run a ribbon through it but you also needed to add 2 extra twists in the center. I worked it enough to feel I knew what the point was and then I went back to the original size for the next braid which was made from the same pricking. I used the usual size 8 perle cotton for this one.

On this one, I used size 20 tatting cotton, DMC for the white and Lizbeth for the color. I was a little frustrated with this book since I got used to being told how much thread to put on the bobbins in the Dye & Thunder book while this one didn't say. In fact, she encourages you to load up the bobbins and you can just tie them together for the next project. My inner critic is screaming "more ends to hide! Aaacckkk!" So I tried to guess. Up until now, I guessed pretty good. On this one, I wound a lot of thread on the workers, forgetting that workers change in half-stitch. I ran out of thread on one white bobbin and had to add a new one in, which is pretty obvious, and I had tons of thread still on the original workers. I did find in this book (Rosemary Shepherd's) a statement that 3 times the length of the finished items was a good estimate for the amount of thread to wind on the bobbin. In another book I was looking through, they said 4 times the length. That book also advocated winding your bobbins full. If I were using the same thread and color all the time, I might be more willing to do that. Bobbin lacers do tend to use white predominately.

My next project is an edging. I'll only make it bookmark length but it prompted me to get out the roller pillow I started making last year in a class. I knew I would have to take the cover off and redo it so I just put it away. I was not happy with the way the roller pillow went in either so hadn't done anything with that. It occurred to me this morning that I have a coworker who can grind down grooves for a dowel to fit into. I can control the turn of the roller with braid rather than trying to pry it out of its trench. I can also feel the frame of the wood under the fabric so that is another reason to take it off and add some extra padding. You can buy 100% wool batting which will be great to cover those hard places and soften the edges and slope.

I'm learning. In the meantime, I'll make the edging on the pillow I've been using. I've ordered a new cookie pillow and I plan to make a square pillow soon. I need a solid base to put it on though. I have the ethafoam or whatever it's called.

So...maybe I'll get to some lacing later today!

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Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

The sun is shining today, so why am I not lacing? Easy... I got distracted by weaving when it was cold and rainy yesterday!

My biggest frustration with bobbin lace is knowing what thread to use. I try to use what I have on hand, and what I have on hand is not what the book calls for. I will experiment come summer. In the meantime, I'll just keep admiring your beautiful work!